About me...

About me...


newmarko_profileMARKO VLASIC

Sound Designer, Recording and Mixing Engineer

My name is Marko Vlasic (a.k.a) Newmarko.

I am an audio engineer. I have been the audio Producer/Engineer for various music (genres) and sound projects, in past years, my knowledge extends into the studio environment as well.

I offer to clients Producing/Engineer/Mixing/Mastering services for a wide range of different styles of music, sounds and budgets. Combining the best of digital and analog I also offer a hybrid approach to using the most current and past technologies.

Fast turn arounds of ideas can be expected, narrowing down mixed and mastered the customized sound for your project. Apreciating a tight budget I encourage those interested to understand I will work 100% regardless of your budget. Being a perfectionist I strive to achieve a high level of quality. With experience in mixing and mastering  of various genres of music, radio voiceovers, radio podcasts, audiobook narrations, various recorded sounds, i can provide to you quick turnarround of  finished (edited) products.

I am an expert in the DAW Adobe Audition (CC, CS6, CS5,3.0). In the context of the digital workstation I use a variety of audio VST plugins (Izotope 5, Izotope 4, RX 4 Advanced, Waves Audio Tools, Vaxengo, Blue Cat dynamics, Room FX, Fruity Loops effectors).

List of my main professions as an Audio Engineer:

  1. Editing
  2. Mixing
  3. Mastering
  4. Producing
  5. Stereo and 5.1 Remastering and Mixing
  6. Analog and digital recording
  7. Audio (sound) Restoration/Noise Reduction:
  •  Hum removal
  •  Industrial noise removal
  •  Mouth noise removal
  •  Muffled recording restoration
  •  Music restoration
  •  Noise reduction
  •  Noise removal
  •  Poor quality recording restoration
  •  Reduction of street noises and background sounds
  •  Reverb removal
  •  Wind noise removal
  •  Audio cleaning
  •  Audio enhancement
  •  Audio mastering
  •  Breathing noise removal
  •  Buzz removal
  •  Click and pop removal
  •  Distortion removal
  •  Echo removal
  •  Enhancement or removal of dialogue
  •  Enhancement of poor quality recordings
  •  Hiss removal (de-hissing)

List of Technical Equipment:

  1. Reference monitoring floorstanding loudspeakers 2 Ohms (Handmade) (DD drivers)
  2. JVC  2 ohms Amplifier with Germanium Preamplifier (handmade)
  3. JVC monitoring  headphones (6 ohms) (DD drivers)
  4. Alesis Multimix 8 USB FX (Soundcard)