Hi, I'm Marko, 

professional audio producer!

Hi, I'm Marko and

I'm audio producer!

Wanna improve

sound quality?

Fast and reliably

to results

Main goal completed,

high quality sound.

Digital identity

The term “digital identity” in today’s IT world is an important thing. When I started to deal with the job of producing audio over the Internet , have not fully realized the importance of digital identities. Online services on which I set out to do (Elance, oDesk, etc..),does not allow a man to properly highlight the guidance of their knowledge and quality. Digital identity is built for a long time with quality work, and the confirmation of that is receiving positive reviews that we get from the clients.

As a true way of highlighting of “digital identity” I came up with the idea that it is time to create a website. This project was supposed to highlight the essence of my work and the sum of all knowledge possess,in order to better presented themselves to potential clients.

If we ignore the rather standardized About pages on services like Elance, oDesk and others, on a special web site is  the best way to present the “digital identity”. Projects, skills, short and concise biography, presence on social networks and effective form of contact with the elementary contact information is what will allow you to introduce yourself in the best way to the customers.

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